Waiouru was built to our design and specifications as a well appointed live-aboard boat that could comfortably allow two people to continuously cruise throughout the year and also have additional casual accommodation for a further two people.

Principal Dimensions
The boat dimensions are
Length                                    17.83 metres (58'6")
Width                                      2.1 metres (6'10")
Draft at the stern                    0.7 meters (28')
Air draft                                  1.8 metres excluding the demountable satellite dome
Weight                                    20 tonnes (estimated)

CIN     The Boat Craft Identification Number is GB- RYA-016HBK212
Design Category               D

The steel shell was fabricated by Wilson-Tyler.  The design is a semi-trad with a boatman's beam on the roof, recessed stern side panels, two side hatches and grab rails in the cratch. The steel is
             20mm baseplate and counterplate
             6mm hull sides
             5mm cabin sides
             4mm roof
Anodes                                The hull is fitted with four anodes (two each at front and rear)

Cabin Layout (from bow)
·    Main bedroom  with 5 foot cross over bed
·    Bathroom with separate lavatory
·    Saloon with free standing chairs
·    Galley
·    Rear cabin with inline extending double bed

Windows and Portholes
Double glazed portholes and three double glazed Houdini hatches on roof

There are three integral diesel storage tanks
·    Lockgate stove in cratch(185 litres port side)
·    Central Heater (90 litres stern port cheek tank)
·    Engine (290 litres stern tank)

Potable water
There are two linked integral water tanks in the bow and under the cratch floor. Water capacity is approximately 800 litres.

Black Water
Large underfloor pump out holding tank.  Pumpout point on roof for easy access.

Waiouru's cabin is hand painted used using Craftsmaster.  The lower hull sides are painted with Hempel two pack epoxy (three coats)

Particular care was taken to thoroughly insulate the interior of the boat.  The primary insulation is spray foam to sides and ceiling with 'Kingspan' under the floor.  All insulation seams (eg, between spray foam and Kinspan were then sealed.  The same occurred around any openings such as Houdini hatches.  The objective was to produce a warm boat in winter and a cool boat in summer.

Because the boat has a 20mm baseplate only a small amount of ballast was required for trim.  The lack of ballast provides a good air void in the cabin bilge.  This, in combination with the insulation; results in a dry bilge.

Engine & Drive Train
·    Beta 43
·    Python Drive
·    Vetus water lubricated shaft (ie, dripless)
·    Axiom propeller
·    Hospital silencer

Bow Thruster
The boat has a large 12V bow thruster powered by two sealed batteries in the bow thruster locker.

12V System.  Both Beta alternators are connected via a Smartgauge Advanced system to intelligently combine their output.  The larger alternator is controlled by a Sterling PDAR to both increase its output and more effectively manage the domestic battery bank
The boat has a 12V ring main controlled by a canbus system (Empirbus).  This system us user configurable with resettable digital fuses.  The 12V system and attached appliances can be remotely controlled via text messaging.  The boat is also capable of sending messages (eg, bilge pump working, low voltage, etc)
240V System.  The boat is fitted with a Victron 3KVA inverter/charger.  There are numerous outlets around the boat

Domestic battery bank. Four Trojan 250Ah 6V flooded lead/acid traction batteries.
Starter battery.  12V sealed lead acid
Bow Thruster.  Two 12V sealed lead acid.

All lighting (excluding the head lamp) is LED.

A diesel Lockgate Refleks stove is located in the saloon and a programmable Hurricane central heating boiler in the engine compartment. The Hurricane provides hot water to floor level finrad heaters on both sides of the cabin.  Additionally, there are heater panels in the wardrobes, under the bed and wet locker.  The Hurricane also heats the water in the calorifier.

Gas wall oven and four ring hob in the galley.  Two 13kg gas bottles in stern gas locker

Interior is oak with 'Flotek' carpet to bedroom and saloon with vinyl in the bathroom, galley and back cabin.

The boat was designed to maximize the available space for storage.

·    Self-seeking satellite dome on roof
·    Collapsible DTV aerial and mast
·    14" TV in main bedroom and 28" TV in saloon
·    Media Tank and dual TV tuner in saloon.
·    Six ceiling mounted speakers

·    All cupboards and drawers soft close
·    Granite bench tops
·    Glass splashbacks
·    12V fridge
·    12V freezer in back cabin
·    Gas wall oven

·    Microwave oven