Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Wired for sound

I’m now wired for sound…. only for 24 hours!  A visit to a different cardiologist practice this morning as I wasn’t happy with the competency of the last one.  Two tests before I have a consultation.  The first was an ultrasound echo test of the heart.  I was able to verify the comments about my heart from a former colleague were wrong.  He told me I had a heart of gold…….. small, hard and yellow!  Well it’s none of those things.  Actually it large, semi soft and sounded like the boat Whale Gulper shower pump. 

Next I was fitted with a ‘holter’.  This is a small electronic device that records your heart activity.  Three electrodes have been stuck on my chest and connected to the recorder which will run for 24 hours.  I’m wired for sound.   It’s not possible to shower during this period and as the temperature outside is in the high 30’s – low 40’s I’ve decided to spend most of my time inside limiting my perspiration (well Jan does have to share the bed tonight!).

The poor old postie can’t avoid the heat.  He must boil in his hi viz jacket and helmet during temperatures like today.  It’s also the pre-Christmas rush period which means large volumes of mail for him to deliver.  Two of the packages were for us.

My hose connectors have arrived.


If we were in the UK I would have been able to quickly purchase them from the local chandlers.  Not that easy in Oz.  Eventually I found a supplier on the other side of the continent, and they weren’t cheap.  Delivery was also slow.  No doubt it was that blind, lame and geriatric camel bring them across.

I rushed out in the heat to reach the workshop where it was a two minute job to fit the the hose connectors to the pump.


The sides have yet to be fitted to the pump box.  I’m not going to do that until the inlet and outlet hoses have been fitted.  My pump box looks like this


Water inlet and outlet will be at the base with the 12V on the top.  you may have noticed there are two  12V Anderson Plugs fitted to the top.  One is the supply to the pump and the other a ‘pass thru’ plug which can be used to run a second 12V device.

A start was made on the outside excavations for the second toilet in the bathroom.  I removed the pavers and started to dig almost immediately striking a copper water pipe <@#$%^&>.  This is going to complicate the excavation.  fortunately it became too hot for me to continue and the task can now wait for a cooler day.


Paul the consumer law may be the same in Australia and the camper trailer seller did offer me shorter shock absorbers when I showed him the “problem”.  But they would have just be more cheap Chinese shocks.  Actually the existing shocks work on bitumen and gravel roads.  It’s only when the trailer it taken off road and into seriously rutted terrain that they bottom out.

Dave the drawing wasn’t to scale.  However the shocks can’t be fitted vertically as there isn’t enough travel in the suspension.  Fitting them vertically would mean they would only be about 150mm long and you can’t purchase a shock that short. 


Jenny said...

Hope your heart tests go well. You tell it, keep on beating on!

Tom and Jan said...

Jenny it currently (fingers crossed) only has one problem. Sometimes it goes too fast!

Dave said...

Hope the tests go well and you get rain soon to dampen down those fires, you can have some of ours we've had far too much.

re the shocks, still seems odd to place the top mount outside of the arc prescribed by the wheel.

Mike Griffin said...


Good luck with your heart, I had problems with mine in 2000, it was an irregular beat. A few months later I had a pacemaker fitted and became 100% pacemaker dependant, About 6 months after that I suffered with Heart failure (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) and could not walk more that 5 yards. I packed up work at the age of 52 had an upgraded pacemaker fitted, I am now on my 3 rd replacement (battery renewal) and 20 years later am still going, having got married, bought a replacement narrowboat and have a great time. Have fun and take the pills and have the odd rest.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Dave,
I was 58 when I had my first atrial fibrillation incident. Back then I was reasonably fit but as I've lost my fitness the medicine has had to increase. Both my parents had heart conditions and like you, mum had a pacemaker.

You appear to be doing well.... and yes.... everything in moderation! :-)