Saturday, 23 November 2019


After some considerable effort on my part the last of the bath was removed allowing me to make a start on the wall and floor tiles.  Removing tiles is a first for me and I carefully considered what method to use before starting.  Ceramic tiles can chip quite easily and there was only a small grouted gap on the joins.  Eventually I decided it would be prudent to remove the grout around the perimeter of the tiles that were going to be removed.  The idea was this would create a clean break between the affected and non affected tiles. 

It took most of the morning to remove the grout with the blade of a putty knife.  With that completed the tiles were removed using a cold chisel and hammer.


As you can see in the above photo, I also removed the brick and mortar base which formed the bed for the bath.  Initially I was using the cold chisel and hammer to do this.  However I quickly realised this method would take several weeks so I borrowed my brother-in-law’s small electric hammer completing the task in under an hour.

We now have another 10 wheelie bins of rubble to dispose before I can continue.  The next step will be to dig out the sand from base of the bath and install the sewer pipe for the toilet.  

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