Tuesday, 26 November 2019


For some time I’ve been thinking about the suspension on our Isuzu 4x4.  The fact is, most light vehicle suspension systems are a compromise based on cost and where the vehicle will travel.  The majority of light 4x4 vehicles don’t do much off road travel, so the factory suspension is usually soft and designed for smooth bitumen roads.  During my first outback trip last year the tens of thousands of heavy corrugations gave the factory suspension a thrashing.  It survived (unlike the trailer’s) but the ride wasn’t comfortable. 

After researching various manufacturers I decided on Outback Armour.  They are the only manufacturer to offer an “unlimited kilometres” warranty and also supply suspension to the Australian Army.  Obviously army vehicles spend a considerable amount of time off road.  It was then a case of waiting until I could purchase at a discounted price.  That occurred at the recent Perth 4WD Show where I was able to discuss the various suspension options with the Outback Armour representative.  He offered three categories of suspension for the Isuzu. 

  • Trail.  Designed for lightly loaded vehicles
  • Expedition.  Designed for heavily laden vehicles
  • Variable Valve.  A user adjustable system based on the vehicles load and the terrain.

The Trail and Expedition systems were the same price with the Variable Valve an additional $300.  My assumption is the only difference between the Trail and Expedition was the internal valve configuration with the Variable Valve giving the user the ability to adjust between the two.  As the vehicle will spend much of its time lightly loaded I opted for the Trail components.  The old suspension could be removed and replaced with the Outback Armour at a cost of $300.

The representative was offering a 10% discount and a ‘free’ recovery kit if I placed an order during the show.  I placed an order and have decided to do the fitting myself saving $300.  Today I collected the components.


The first thing I noticed was how heavy the components were.  Fortunately (for me) local blog reader and friend Ken has offered to fit everything.  He is younger and much stronger than me so it won’t be much of a challenge!  Well OK….. the last sentence might be a slight exaggeration…. Smile


From left to right - what our money purchased.  A nice heavy duty bag to hold the recovery kit consisting of a snatch strap, two HD bow shackles, damping flag and an insulated beer can holder (very important).  Two rear shock absorbers.  They are approximately twice the diameter of the factory shocks.  Two rear coil springs and a large number of decals which won’t be going on the Isuzu.  Perhaps one on the rear of the trailer?  Two front struts (combination of shocks and springs.

Oh….. I mustn’t forget the folding chair.


I’m now all set for Ken’s arrival.  I’ll be able to supervise him from the comfort of my new chair whilst drinking a cold beer from my new holder.   All we require is a cool day… or two!


Nev Wells said...

Sound like a perfect DIY job - getting someone else to do it while you drink beer and watch ! I wish i could send you some of our cold damp (very damp) days in exchange for a few of your hot ones.... Good luck with the upgrade.

Tom and Jan said...

I agree Nev........ but somehow I suspect Ken has other ideas about who will be drinking the cold beer on the hot day! Happy to exchange weather