Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Best left unsaid

Potentially I put my foot in it with my last post.  Tomorrow’s bushfire status in the north of West Australia is rated catastrophic and this morning Jan asked me if I could smell the smoke.  Regrettably my sense of smell is going the same way as my sight and hearing!  However on looking out the front window it was immediately apparent visibility was very poor.  That’s when the brain cells kicked in and I started to smell wood smoke.

Our house is located less than 500 metres from the nearest tinder dry conservation park, although there is a dual carriageway road and four rows of houses between it and us.  We are unlikely to be the first to burn!

We both went outside to get a better understanding of the situation.  The wind was from the southwest bring the smoke with it.  We are located on the northeast side of Perth city fringe.  West is the Indian Ocean.  Smoke from the SW seemed very strange, however we weren’t overly worried as any fire would be on the opposite side of Perth. 

Eventually there was a media broadcast advising a controlled burn was taking place some 100 kilometres south of Perth and when the fire had been lit the wind was to the West taking the smoke out to sea.  The wind subsequently changed to the NE dragging the smoke back across the city.

It has also been a much cooler day with the temperature only reaching 25°C.  A much welcomed relief after almost a week of temperatures above 40°C.  The change in temperature enabled me to find the enthusiasm to continue removing the lawn for the swimming pool.  I’m now more than half way and pleased to report the rubbish truck hasn’t tipped over emptying the wheelie bin containing the latest batch of turf and rubble.


If it remains cool I should have all the lawn up within a fortnight.

After ratting around in the pile of plywood offcuts I found sufficient material to make the container for the camper shower.  It just requires a couple of latches (eBay) and some bathplug chain to secure the lid. 


Two coats of paint.  Have I previously mentioned I hate painting? Smile

A few even smaller scraps of plywood has allowed me to start making the box for the water pump.


The project is now on hold whilst I wait for the Flojet hose connectors.  Another eBay purchase which needs to be completed.

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