Sunday, 10 November 2019

Annual 4WD Show

My friend Ken and I visited the annual Perth 4WD Show which has been running this weekend.  I was interested in pricing a suspension upgrade and bull bar whilst Ken was happy to browse.  In the end I didn’t spend any money and Ken splashed out on an expensive collapsible hand basin.  OK it was a $10 hand basin!

We visited the Opposite Lock stand where we had a long conversation with Brad, the sales representative for Outback Armour suspension systems.  Brad spends much of the year travelling around the continent appearing at the various shows.  During our discussion he talked us through the various suspension options for our Isuzu MUX’s (both Ken and I have a MUX).  At the conclusion I decided their base model suspension system would meet my needs.  there was a 10% show discount along with a “free” recovery kit.  I don’t have a full recovery kit so that would be a bonus.  However I didn’t spend any money, opting to accept a quote valid for 7 days.  If I proceed with the purchase then I’ll probably replace the vehicle suspension system myself which would save some money.  Ken has offered to help.  But them he’s a sneaky Aussie and probably only wants to learn from my mistakes   I thought that was a very generous offer and so typical of all genuine Aussies!


We visited the show on the cool day.  It seems everyone in Perth had the same idea! 

There were plenty of campers and caravans on display.  Everything from the cheap Chinese (like mine) to Australian made Camprite Campers which I think cost a small fortune.


Camprite camper trailer with swing out kitchens and batwing awnings.  Something I’ve done with our trailer for a fraction of the price.

The Australian designed and made outback caravans look different to your average European model.  Higher off the ground with a strong chassis.  Their problem is WEIGHT.  you need a large and powerful 4x4 to tow one of these.


Isuzu were well represented with their display team.  One of the Isuzu utes as demonstrating driving up on two wheels (just like James Bond) whilst the MUX was taking spectators over their seesaw.


Into 4WD low range and climb the platform


Nudge forward until the vehicle weigh balances the platform.  Note the Isuzu DMax to the left up on two wheels.


And then down the other side.


Jenny said...

Bet you had fun checking out all the new products, and marvelling at the huge prices. No doubt you came away with some new ideas to "do it yourself".

Tom and Jan said...

Of course Jenny :-)