Friday, 4 October 2019

More projects

Ladies looking for something to give the special man in your life!


Now as for the latest projects.   I’ve been making two coffee tables from recycled Jarrah timber.  If I get it right they will go beside our recliner chairs.  More on that later.

The other major project is a swimming pool.  Jan has always wanted a pool.  Somewhere to cool down on those hot Perth days!  We’ve visited a number of pool manufacturers and Jan has decided on a rectangular fibreglass pool with one curved end that has steps.  The question was whether it would fit into the proposed location.


Some calculations were required to ensure the pool would comply with the minimum gap between neighbour boundary fences.  The pool will ‘just’ fit although the curved entrance end butts against the pergola paving stones.  I’m planning to fit the pool pump, filter, etc behind my workshop in the bottom right of the above photo.  Pools are required to be fenced in Australia and our existing property boundary fences aren’t sufficiently high.  Moreover we would need fencing on the other two sides.  We obtained a fence quotation and at slightly over $5000 I’ve decided to do the work myself.

The pool will go on this piece of ground.  I’ll need to dig and remove all the grass otherwise we will be paying $700 for a skip and excavator.  My plan is to piled the grass and allow it to decompose before disposing it in the wheelie bin over several weeks.  The existing corrugated fibre cement fences will be replaced with a higher steel colourbond


After looking at the condition of the brick pavers in the pergola area we’ve decided to remove them.  I’ll stockpile the bricks and if I can’t find a use for them they will also go into the wheelie bin a few at a time.  The brick pavers will be replaced with ‘liquid limestone’.  We’ll do this before the pool is installed.  Once the pool is installed we’ll also do the pool surrounds in liquid limestone


We’ve decided on a frameless glass fence between the pergola and the pool.  A metal or solid fence would be more of a visual barrier.  The quote for the glass fence was $3200 and so I’ve decided to install it myself with the materials costing us around $600.

We don’t want the glass fence at the end of the pool so I’m going to position it back 500mm from the edge of the existing pavers.  Perhaps you will now understand why we are planning to do the liquid limestone in two stages, 

The photo below shows the planned location of the fencing.  Two the left and at the rear will be high steel colourbond.  To the right an aluminium tubing fence and the purple line is the glass fence which will have a gate to the pool.


The purple line is the location of the planned glass fence and the arrow points to the edge of the pool


I want to take my time doing this project.  I’ll probably complete the two colourbond steel fences first  and then remove the pavers.  Once the pergola pavers have been replaced with liquid limestone I’ll install the glass fence.  Then the glass can be removed and the affected inground lawn sprinklers capped off.  I’ll also need to dig a trench from the house to the workshop for the 240V electrical supply. 

I think all of this is going to keep me out of trouble for several months. 


Jenny said...

That's a big job Tom, good idea to do it in stages. Just think of all the Brownie Points you will be accumulating from Jan as you work on this project.

Tom and Jan said...

Jennie I was thinking more of frequent flyer points so I can go on holiday afterwards :-)