Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Maffi’s Problem

Let me be clear.  This is about Maffi’s problem with Open Live Writer and his inability to publish posts with inserted photos.  If you see Maffi please tell him to read this blog post if he wants to solve his OLW problem and be able to publish photos. 

I’ve been using Open Live Writer (OLW) without any issues, so when I read Maffi’s blog post that he was having problems I attempted to establish why.

Well I was so spectacularly successful that I had exactly the same problem.  I couldn’t publish posts containing photos…… and I couldn’t resolve the problem by following my own previous instructions on how to fix this <grrrrrrrrr>.

After two days I’ve finally been able to finally get OLW to publish photos.  This is how I did it.


  1. Delete the existing OLW program via >Settings >Control Panel >Programs & Features >uninstall OLW
  2. >Start >Run > enter regedit.exe into the box and click >Enter
  3. Make a backup of your Windows Registry >File >Export   This will enable you to restore your system Registry if it all goes terribly wrong.
  4. >Edit >Find   enter “openlivewriter” (without quotes) and search the entire Registry deleting all references to OLW.
  5. Load your browser and go to the following website  https://ci.appveyor.com/project/dotnetfoundation/openlivewriter/builds/26774559/artifacts   I’ve checked this hyperlink and it does work.
  6. From this webpage download the file named \Releases\OpenLiveWriterSetup.exe
  7. Go to the location of the downloaded file and right click on it.  Click on the “Run as an Administrator” option.  Go through the setup and login prompts to reselect your blog. This will apply a new authentication token so you don't get an error when you publish.
  8. Once reauthorized, you should see only one listing for your blog (if you deleted all the OLW data in the Registry) If there are two listings, then delete the first listing of your blog and leave the new one. Click OK to save these settings.
  9. Right click on the OLW desktop icon and select ‘Properties’  Click on the ‘Open File Location’ button.  In the new window right click on the file named ‘Update.exe’ and rename it.  I renamed it Update1.exe.  This prevents OLW updating back to the old version.

Open Live Writer should now work correctly

If you load OLW and click on >File then >About Open Live Writer the popup window should show Build

DO NOT download the Open Live Writer version from the Open Live Writer website   This link  http://openlivewriter.org    This website has the old version which DOES NOT WORK


Carol said...

Shared on my facebook page for Maffi.x

Tom and Jan said...

Thank you Carol. Hopefully he solves his OLW problem