Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Just how big is Australia

I’ve ordered a ‘Diff Breather Kit” from eBay and the supplier is on the opposite side of the country in Sydney, NSW.  When we lived in the UK usually something we ordered online was delivered the following day so you can imagine my surprise when the supplier informed me my purchase would be delivered 10 days after it had been despatched.   TEN DAYS!   OK, it’s a big country and they obviously aren’t sending it by air freight.  However I used to work in the transport industry and I know it takes the train three days to travel from Sydney to Perth.  Allow one day at either end for pick-up and deliver; so a maximum of five days.  And what is the name of the delivery company?


How appropriate <sarcasm mode off>

My guess is my very small package is being held by Fastway in Sydney waiting for consolidation into a full 40ft container load of goods which will then be railed across the continent.   Fortunately I’m not in a hurry to complete the 4x4 modifications.

Meanwhile we have an acceptable quotation for the patio Liquid Limestone pad.  I’ve made a start on removing some of the adjacent turf and will shortly commence removing the existing brick pavers.  There is a considerable amount of manual labour involved with the project so I’m tackling it the same way I’d eat an elephant…… one mouthful at a time! Smile

Mick on Oleanna.  I can’t leave a blog comment.  Each time I try I’m asked to login to my email address and your security then rejects my email password.  I don’t know why it’s doing this because I know my password is correct.


Dave Gibb said...

Where I worked we always called then "Snailways".

Pip and Mick said...

Pip here. I'm sure Mick will be along later, he's escaping the K&A today, fingers crossed. I know Ade had some difficulty with this a short while ago and it was something his end that wasn't set right.

Pip and Mick said...

Hmmmm... Ade had the same problem. No doubt it's something to do with WordPress. I'll have a look later.


Tom and Jan said...

Dave.... how appropriate! :-)

Pip and Mick said...


I have removed the necessity to include an email address. Can you leave a comment now?