Thursday, 3 October 2019


My best efforts to avoid scratching the panels of the 4WD appear to have worked.  Only a few shallow scratch marks which I was able to polish out.  The interior of the vehicle took longer to clean.  Probably because the pressure washer makes the exterior cleaning so much easier.  Upon opening the bonnet I found the engine covered in orange ochre dust.  Most of it could be brushed off.

After eating Ken’s dust on the track for four days I was pleasant surprise at the condition of the air filter.  No need to replace it yet.


The same couldn’t be said for the oil catch can.  This is an ‘after market’ accessory I fitted to the engine.  It catches and holds the majority of the oily fumes emitted from the engine and which are usually returned back into the engine for a second burn.  This process is part of the engine emission control measures.  I don’t want to return the oil to the engine as it can potentially combine with engine carbon to form a hard sludge which chokes the engine intake.

I used a large syringe to draw the oil from the can via the dipstick hole rather than unscrewing the base of the can. 


Approximately 50mls of oil and water (gunk) has been captured.


Ade said...

Hi Tom still following with interest, nice to see the before and after shots on the clean up!
Surprised you went to all that trouble surely it’s gonna get dirty again 😀

Tom and Jan said...

Hello Ade, I'd prefer to be doing something other than cleaning the vehicle but it will be our last so I need to ensure its longevity :-(