Monday, 7 October 2019

Great Excitement

This morning there was great excitement in our street when the Google StreetView car with the 360° camera on the roof drove around.  We must be due for an update!  OK I exaggerate….. almost everyone else in the street was away at work, so Jan was probably the only person to see the vehicle!

I never saw the car as I was in the workshop working on the coffee tables.  One has received it’s final sanding and is awaiting varnishing.  The frame of the second is complete and I’m now working on the top, which is currently clamped whilst the glue in the biscuit joined mitre corners cures.


The fluting around the top was done with the router whilst the rebate for the inlayed panel was cut out using the bench saw.    Tomorrow I’ll start on installing the inlay panelling.

The frame has received it’s final sanding.  I’m in the process of gluing some corner bracing in the top.  All the fluting on the legs and rails was done using the router.  The joints are all dual doweled.


And this is the finished table


The varnish should bring out the colour and grain in the timber (I hope).


Ade said...

Nice work Tom, traits of a cabinet maker!

Tom and Jan said...

Very faint traits Ade!!!