Friday, 18 October 2019

Another project has commenced

It was time to start a new project.  This one will take some time.   The bath is going to be removed and replaced with a second toilet.  We’ve not used the bath and never likely too.  Showers for us!


After carefully examining the bath I recognised the wall tiles had been fitted after the bath had been installed.  We want to keep as many of the wall tiles as possible which means I’m going to need to work carefully.  Time would be an important factor for a tradesman so they would probably use power tools.  I will be using a cold chisel and hammer.


This is where I pause the project.  Paying to have the removal done would involve hiring a skip for the rubble.  I’ve filled the bath with the broken bricks and tiles.  These will go into the wheelie bin and as I already have so previous rubble to dispose it will likely be a month before the bath is empty.  The bath isn’t metal and I therefore intend to cut it horizontally with a jigsaw at each end.  The idea being I’ll then be able to ‘wriggle and jiggle’ it away from the tiles.  Of course the bath will also be cut up and placed in the bin.   There are a number of other projects to continue with whilst the rubble is removed.

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Don said...

You need some trousers with long pockets and holes in the bottom. Then you can disperse the waste POW style when you go for a walk.