Friday, 25 October 2019

Aerobic Exercise

We’ve been doing more than our usual amount of aerobic exercise during the last two days.  Having accepted a quote to lay a Liquid Limestone slab in the patio area we needed to remove the existing pavers.  I’d estimated it would take us 3-4 days but we actually managed it in two.

First task was to clear the patio of outdoor furniture and the BBQ.  The second task was to start removing some lawn from in front of the pavers.  The area will be required for all the surplus soil that needs removing from the patio area in order for the slab to be 80mm thick.  The existing pavers are 40mm which means another 40mm of sand has to be removed.


The surplus soil could be dumped onto the lawn however I have to remove the lawn in preparation for the pool and it didn’t make sense to move the soil twice.

We got into a routine of me lifting the pavers and stacking them into the wheelbarrow.  I’d then take them to the front lawn where Jan would stack them.


Jan is going to attempt to either sell the pavers or give them away.  If neither works we will have to dispose them ourselves. Sad smile

The patio now looks like this…..


I’ve decided to dig a trench along the red line and bury a 4” (90mm) PVC pipe before the pad is laid.  The cost of the pipe is minimal and we may need to get from one end of the pad to the other at some future date.  Hopefully the Liquid Limestone pad will be installed later next week.

Mick on Oleanna.  I still have the comment problem.   When I click in the comment box the email and name box appears.  If I ignore the email and name detail the comment isn’t published.  If I fill in the details it doesn’t accept my Gmail password.  I’ve tried with both Chrome and Opera browsers.

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