Saturday, 14 September 2019

We’re Pooped!

Perhaps it’s only one of us that’s pooped as Jan had the energy to start testing the garden bore water reticulation system this morning.
For my part, I’m sadly lacking energy after the last few days of gardening.  The portion of the front yard where that Peppergum tree used to reside has been levelled and weeded.  We then went to the hardware for some weed mat and fertilizer.  Once the weed mat was laid I cut holes in it for the two citrus trees before planting them.  Next was a trip to the landscape supplier for a cubic metre of red dyed Gum chips and a concrete tree ring.  We barrowed and spread the chips before I dug the hole for the third citrus tree.  This part of the garden is now complete and hopefully, no more weeds.
We now have a Lemon, Lime and Orange tree in the front yard.
The strip garden full of agapanthus above the retaining wall is a disaster.  It’s all my fault!  When we had the large gumtree removed I spread the chips from the stump on the garden not realising they were full of horrible long stringy native grass seeds.  This grass has taken over the garden.  I’ve been forced to dig out the agapanthus and carefully remove the grass from their roots.  Then the remaining grass has to be removed and the agapanthus replanted.
I’m also going to have to rebury the water reticulation pipe.
The worst part of the job has yet to be started.
All this area has yet to be done Sad smile
I’m starting to think painting is a pleasure Smile


Daykin said...

I'm not seeing the photos here in wild Yorkshire :)

Daykin said...

Now I see them

Tom and Jan said...

Not sure why that happened. But I'm happy it resolved itself