Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Holland Track Trip – Day 4

We must be around the halfway point because we came upon the visitors book beside a wrecked and abandoned ute.


The book was inside an old rusty metal case on a post.  Actually traveller had left all sorts of interesting things inside the case.  I didn’t trust the bottle of beer and limited myself to entering our names, the date and the direction of travel.


At the base of the post was a lost pet


Adjacent to the post and mounted on a piece of basalt was a commemorative plaque


Back on the move and more mud holes.


Some two hours later we reached Agnes Gnamma holes.  This is a large area of open granite containing numerous Gnamma holes. 


The aborigines would cover over the holes to both reduce evaporation and prevent animals from falling in.  Some of the holes were quite large and a number had tadpoles swimming around.  One assumes this occurred because of the recent rainfall.


John Holland actively sought these Gnamma holes knowing they would be a source of water for travellers using his track.  Can you see the tadpoles in these next two photos.

Agnes was the name of John Holland’s wife so one assumes he named the location after her.



Back on the move and we are heading to Thursday Rock


By now you will have realised the exposed granite areas were likely sources of water which is why the track passes near them.


Yet more Gnamma holes


Only another 30km to the end of the track.


Made it!  It’s another 80km to Coolgardie but we have decided to take a detour and head 55km SE to Cave Hill.

And the wildlife Irene.


It’s a ‘bug’…. A big one… about the length and thickness of my thumb.

A blurred photo of a 3ft long lizard rapidly making his escape before he ended up on the menu!


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