Tuesday, 10 September 2019

At Last

Well readers if you hadn’t worked it out by now “I hate painting!”  With the ceiling and walls of the front room now redecorated I think I’ve painted the interior of the entire house.  I don’t plan to EVER do it again.


Jan has already had a visit from the sales person regarding a quotation for ‘plantation blinds’ and last night another salesman arrived to measure the room for its new timber flooring.  Today we had a third salesman look at the door opening. 


The house used to be ‘open plan’ but we want doors so rooms can be closed off thus reducing the area to be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer.  I’ll have to do some modification to the opening for the proposed ‘french’ style door.  Whilst I’m writing of doors, I’ve repainted the heavy timber front door.  Jan chose the colour.  I can’t remember the name, but it looks vibrant lipstick red/pink to me.


We celebrated this painting milestone with a BBQ.  There must have been a mistake as the meat was properly cooked.


My next outback trip along the Holland Track is getting closer.  I’m travelling with blog reader and good friend Ken.  My major concern has been the amount of rainfall in the region.  The terrain is so flat the only place the water can go is into the wheel ruts.  Ken; being the optimist; sent me a website link to a recent track report.


This is his idea of easing my nerves!  The most recent weather forecast suggests the region is now categorized as at extreme bushfire risk.  Therefore, if we don’t drown’ we will be burned to a crisp. Smile  Should be interesting!

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