Sunday, 4 August 2019

The Doughnut

Today I’ve been working on the sawdust extractor project.  The first task was to buy a metal rubbish bin from the local hardware.  At 55 litres it should be sufficient for my needs.


The diameter of the bin is less than the cyclone, hence the need for the doughnut. 

The first step was to measure and scribe the circumference of the bin on the reverse side of the doughnut.


That was followed by a large amount of routering as I cut the groove for the bin lid and then the outside diameter of the doughnut.. 


A test fit before cutting the inner ring in the doughnut


A change of router bits to cut a round edge on the doughnut before giving is a good sand.  hopefully I’ll now avoid splinters.

After some scrounging I found a short length of metal wall bracing strap


Three sections were then cut and bent to provide ‘Z’ brackets which will be used to secure the doughnut to the cyclone.


The rubbish bin will be secured to the doughnut by upward pressure.  I’m going to make a separate sawdust extractor cabinet on the outside of the shed so today was just a temporary solution.  The first step was to bend the vertical support brackets on the extractor assembly in order to secure the cyclone.  Then I measure the gap between the doughnut and the bin before making a temporary box that fits underneath the bin


Three small wooden wedges provide the upwards pressure to hold the bin against the doughnut.  Then a test was conducted to see if the modification works



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