Saturday, 17 August 2019

Stone Stomper Installed

The trailer mounting bracket has been made and fitted….. But not before I managed to crush my right thumb between the body and blade guard of the reciprocating saw.  Copious amounts of red stuff (I was expecting blue) and a considerable amount of pain.  Then we discovered the band aids were far too small.  Eventually four managed to contain the red stuff….. but not the pain!  I didn’t get much sleep that night.

The mounting bracket had been manufactured from the 3mm galvanized angle iron I salvaged from the old workbench in the garage.  Once it was cut, welded and drilled it received a coat of black Hammerite paint.  Black because it was the only paint I could find in the shed.


The next step was to fit it under the trailer.


You can probably see some of the holes in the vertical face of the bracket.  These are to secure the full width mudflap which will go across the trailer

Would the measurements I sent to the Stone Stomper manufacturer be correct?


YES!  Everything fits as planned.  The last step will be to fit the other mounting bracket to the vehicle towbar and adjust the tension on the Stone Stomper.  I’m taking it for a test next week.

Meanwhile I’ve noticed a ‘pong’ coming from my right thumb.  Jan also noticed it telling me “You stink” and I wasn’t going to be sharing the bed unless something was done.  The band aids were removed and the damage to the thumb inspected.  It’s larger and slightly crooked but at least the fresh air has eliminated the stink.


Angela said...

Hello Tom,
Is it just me? But I can't see the photos in your blog. But if I click on the little box in the centre where the photo is supposed to be, it opens. I'm using Safari.
Keep up the projects. All very interesting.

Tom and Jan said...

You have been the only person to leave a comment describing that problem so I guess it's something to do with Safari?