Monday, 19 August 2019

Stone Stomper fitted and now for the trial

The trailer and 4x4 were coupled this afternoon enabling me to do the final fitting of the Stone Stomper (SS).  I’ve already identified one potential issue.


I’ve used a couple of pieces of different diameter scrap pvc pipe (orange & white) as a temporary support in the middle of the span between the trailer and 4x4.   My modification to the trailer jockey wheel securing it in the horizontal position appears to have worked.

Ground clearance under the mesh looks OK.


The potential problem is the gap between the SS bar and the rear of the 4x4.


Stones flicked by the tyres might ricochet up through the gap either hitting the trailer or rear door on the 4x4.  I could bend the ends of the bar reducing the gap but that would create another potential issue.  The canvas flaps on the bar only just overlap with the SS mesh when the bar is in it’s current position.  Bending the bar towards the vehicle will create another gap between the canvas flap and the SS mesh.  More thinking required!

So today the trailer was prepared for tomorrow’s outback trip.  I’m going to the edge of the western desert with my brother and wife.  We’re heading for Elachbutting Rock Nature Reserve some 375km east of Perth.  It straddles the boundary between the eastern Wheatbelt and western desert.  Almost all of the route is on bitumen which means the SS will have a very limited test.

Obviously no blog posts whilst I’m away however there will (hopefully) be some good photos on my return.  


Dave Gibb said...

Hi Tom. Meant to comment earlier on your jockey wheel mods. Why not just wind the jockey wheel right up so it locks into the beveled end of the outer tube and then swing the lot up? This stops the wheel in the vertical position out of the way of everything and saves messing around trying to line up the holes for the spring clip. I have done this for years on the boat trailer and never had any problems. Cheers

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Dave,
I could do that but it wouldn't turn the jockey wheel to be parallel with the ground. The wheel would be vertical and catch on the Stone Stomper.