Thursday, 29 August 2019

Elachbutting Rock Trip–Day 3

Last night was considerably warmer that the first night when I almost shivered in my thick Fairydown Everest model sleeping bag. I bought this bag before we were married and usually I overheat in it, but nights in the desert can get bitter.  The dry air and lack of vegetation allow the daytime heat to rapidly dissipate.  I also tend to rise at first light in an effort to cook and eat breakfast prior to the arrival of the flies.  Yes… I don’t like sharing my breakfast!  Of course that means dinner is usually eaten after dusk.  So two meals a day! 

Today we visited three different rock locations.  The largest and most interesting was Baladjie Rock beside Lake Baladjie.   Rather than take all three vehicles I travelled in my brother’s Toyota.  He could scratch his paintwork bashing through the scrub Smile


The first feature had some interesting gnamma holes.  A gnamma hole is a cavity formed in hard rock which can sometimes contain water.  The Australian Aborigines would know the locations of the holes and use them as a source of drinking water.  Something the early European explorers and settlers adopted.


This particular rock wasn’t particularly high but then the terrain was so flat it still made an acceptable survey point.


Looking west back towards the pastoral land


And to the east vast areas of not much


Various interesting rock formations create by wind and rain



Lake Baladjie is a salt lake.  In the winter it contains water with a significant level of salinity, whilst during the summer it would be a sea of white salt


Janet went rock climbing


On top of that large boulder held in place by weight and friction.


More interesting shapes and colours in the rock formed by the climate.


That evening I managed to give myself food poisoning….. Have I mentioned I’m a rotten cook?

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