Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Eastern Wheat Belt Trip – Day 1

Well I’ve managed to safely return from my latest camper trailer trip but not without managing to somehow give myself food poisoning.  I really am an atrocious cook!  It’s taken me four days to recover and only now have I felt like writing a post.

It was about 375km from Perth to Elachbutting Rock which we used as a campsite.  Camping was free but there was no water or showers.  However the local shire has installed a ‘long drop’ toilet for visitors.


It would have been rather boring taking the main highway east so we went by secondary roads to the very small town of Mukinbudin.  This is the last piece of civilization where there is a shop and fuel.  From Mukinbudin we travelled on well formed gravel roads to the campsite.  I was under the impression we would camp at Elachbutting Rock however the others pressed on beyond the rock looking for somewhere remote.  Eventually the track reached the State Barrier Fence which runs north to south for 3256km.  It is also known as the Rabbit-Proof Fence, the Emu Fence and Vermin Fence.   Completed in 1907 to keep vermin from the east reaching the West Australian pastoral lands.   Quite amazing to think those early English settlers bought 24 rabbits and rabbits being rabbits there are now billions of them. 

We discovered that whilst there was a gate in the fence the sign advised there was a $10,000 fine per person for unauthorized entry.


The fence


My sister-in-law Janet standing beside her friend John & Jenny’s Toyota.  They were towing an Australian made “Kamparoo” hard floor camper trailer.


I was bring up the rear trying not to eat the others dust!

We opted not to risk the fine and returned to Elachbutting Rock and camp.



My brother who was towing a soft floor camper trailer with his Toyota

The first thing to do is get a fire going an the billy on for tea


I was caught in the act of erecting my camp


My single person stretcher tent fits nicely under the awning yet still sufficiently light to move around should I need to free up more shelter under the awning.

You can just see the solar panels to the right of the photo.  they produced enough power to keep the trailer battery full.   That night I discovered one problem.  The Engel freezer ran continuously!  It was a very cold night and the freezer motor should have been cutting in and out.  It’s something I will need to resolve.

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