Friday, 12 July 2019

More Changes to Open Live Writer

Our post on Wednesday <here> included two photos.  Strangely after the post had been publish to Blogger I could see them, but Jan only saw blank squares on her Android tablet.  Eventually I worked out that if I was logged out of my Google account then I couldn’t see them either.  It appears Google has made yet another change and the method I’ve been using to link images in Google Photos to OLW no longer works.

However blog reader Robin (of blog Romany Rambler) had almost simultaneously sent me a link to a forum where yet another method had been described.  I’ve now discovered it is possible to insert a photo into OLW from your computer by going to ‘Insert’ on the OLW toolbar and then ‘Picture’.  In the drop down window select ‘From your computer’.  When the box opens navigate to the location on the pc where the image is you want to insert and select it.  Then click the ‘Open’ button to insert it into the OLW draft post.

This latest method previously didn’t work for me, but something must have changed because now it does!   Well I’m assuming that because I can see the image I inserted into my test post yesterday.

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