Saturday, 20 July 2019

Delayed post

Time has passed since the last post and that wasn’t intended.  I put my back out (again) pulling weeds in the front lawn and have been lying on the bed for almost a week waiting for the pain to subside.  In a few days I’ll hopefully be good to go…  One consequence of my inactivity is a delay to the house maintenance tasks.  I still have two ceiling air conditioning ducts to remove and patch and the modifications to the spare bedroom wardrobe need to be completed.  The good news is I completed repainting the bedroom before the back problem occurred which means there has been no delay to laying the new carpet.  I first laid carpet more than 30 years ago and didn’t enjoy the experience of acquiring an aching knee from stretching the carpet with the hired ‘knee-kicker’.  It wouldn’t surprise me if all old carpet layers had bad knees.

You can see in the photo below that the old carpet has seen better days.  I cut the edges off to provide better access for painting the bottoms of the walls.  Jan has selected a darker coloured carpet with a pattern as the replacement.


She also wanted the built-in wardrobe modified.  The three lower vertical shelves have been removed and replaced with a smaller shelved section on the right.  The larger area on the left will be for brooms, mop, vacuum cleaner, etc.


Yes…. it’s not finished!

Now for a warning

Don't wash your hair with shampoo whilst in the shower.

I never used shampoo when I was single opting instead to wash my hair with a bar of soap. Back then I was lean and taunt.

Once married I seemed to slip into a routine of washing my hair in the shower with shampoo. Nearly 50 years later I've realised just how dangerous this is. When you wash your hair in the shower it then runs down your body into the tray and the drain. Big mistake..... If you read the warning on the shampoo bottle it clearly states "For Extra Body and Volume".

No wonder each year I get "chunkier". Well I've ceased using shampoo and commenced using dish washing liquid. Hopefully this will reverse the process as the label states "Dissolves fat that is otherwise more difficult to remove!"


Nev Wells said...

Just Lol 😂

Jennie said...

Sorry to hear about your back problems, Tom. I have to thank you for making me laugh out loud! I think I need to swap the shampoo for washing up liquid! Jennie