Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Unremarkable Day, Old Ground and a Solution

When we returned to Perth in 2017 I discovered termites had got into our stored effects and; amongst many other items; had eaten my two expensive tailor made suits.  Obviously that was disappointing but as I am now retired a suit is something I’m not going to regularly use.  I’m not planning on being buried which just leaves me with a few wedding and the odd funeral (attending someone else’s of course).

I needed a suit when I went to Saudi Arabia in 2014. Now where did I buy it?  Oh yes, the Sainsburys Superstore in  Rugby.  Today we drove to Rugby where we managed to buy a cheap plain dark suit.   This area is all very familiar and either of us particularly wanted to visit the town.  But it was the only location where I was almost certain I’d be able to buy a cheap suit. 

Well you know what happened after that.

Despite taking an oath that we wouldn’t do it we went for a walk along the towpath at Brownsover.  So many memories!

Readers you may recall me mentioning how uncomfortable the seats were on the two flights from Perth to Manchester.  Neither of us have been looking forward to the agony of the return flights.  I did research the cost of purchasing Business Class for the return.  But I’d probably feel guilty sitting up the front in comfort knowing Jan was somewhere down the back in cattle class.   To be more precise….. guilty for the first 15 minutes!   Then I realised there was a ‘no extra cost’ solution.  We’d go “air force business class”.  All that was required was a brief trip to Dunelm Mill.

I just need to cut them down to fit the base of the airline seat.


Pip and Mick said...

If you'd kept on walking the towpath towards Hillmorton you'd have bumped into Oleanna, you could have said hello to Tilly as she'd have been sat in the window waiting for people to give her some sympathy.
Hope your cushions work.

Tom and Jan said...

Pip it is very generous of you to offer to share your flu but we decided to selfishly decline. Tilly will have to soldier on alone with the contaminated crew! :-)