Friday, 7 June 2019

Pottering Around

The feathers got ruffled today when we returned to the rental car only to discover the key wouldn’t unlock the vehicle.  Ordinarily that wouldn’t be a problem as I’d just manually unlock the car.   However this vehicle has an electronic key and can’t be manually unlocked.

The key

Were the batteries in the key flat and how was I going to resolve this problem?  Pushing the unlock button had no effect!  All I could think of was phoning Enterprise and asking for assistance.  Then I remembered the ‘Golden Rule’…… “Look for the simple things first!”   That’s when the solution appeared.  Wrong black car!   Our car was moored three four bays away.  <phew>

Today was spent pottering around Stoke on Trent.   This is very familiar territory having visited once before by car and numerous times by canal.  By pottering around I mean visiting potteries.  Burleigh at Middleport, Royal Doulton at Festival Park, Portmeirion and Wedgewood

The latter has changed considerably since our first visit in 2003.  We didn’t want to purchase anything large or fragile as it will be going into the aircraft hold in a soft vinyl bag.

Lunch was in a very familiar location.The Toby Carvery at Festival Park.   It seemed strange to arrive by car when all our previous visits have been by boat!

Damned keyboard is getting worse.  Draft posts are taking ages to write!

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Kath said...

My goodness, your car experience made me laugh out loud. A similar thing happened to us. Too early for Enterprise to be open, going to an important funeral, really getting worried, just about to panic. Then our daughter said “every time you press the button I can hear a clicking noise in the distance”.........
Kath (nb Herbie)