Thursday, 6 June 2019

Derbyshire and Harecastle

The B roads were rather interesting today.  We spent last night in Nuneaton where the Travelodge receptionist informed Jan we were luck to get a room.  The previous night they had been fully booked with rooms going for £100+.   Apparently the situation had been created because four middle-aged female singers were holding a concert in Coventry.

We again set the gps for the shortest route.  I wanted to go to Bakewell.  Not because I particularly like Bakewell Tarts, but rather because I’d arranged to collect an online purchase from Rutlands UK. After a considerable amount of internet searching I had identified them as the cheapest supplier of Gluebot’s.  Their price was less than half the price in Australia for the same items.  The gps route was very interesting as most of it was down narrow single lane roads with high hedges on either side.  The odd oncoming vehicle just added to the interest.   The last third of the route saw us slowly climbing until we were in the high ground of the Peak District National Park.

Looking at the map one can see the canal network surrounds the national park.  Bugsworth Basin,  Sheffield, Chesterfield,  Froghall, Leek, Macclesfield.

We had lunch at The Winking Man on the road to Leek.

The day has ended with us being slightly to the west of Harecastle Tunnel summit

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