Saturday, 25 May 2019

You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road

Or so the song goes.  We’re on the move and because it’s a Bank Holiday weekend we’ve had issues booking accommodation.  Eventually Jan found two nights in Dundee.  Those readers who took geography at school will know it’s on the other side of Scotland. Never mind, the distances aren’t great compared to Australia. We didn’t want to go via the shortest route as that would mean motorways.  Instead we decided to sneak upon Dundee.


Jan had read there were a few major events in Glasgow today so we avoided the city.  Loch Lomond is probably beautiful but both times we’ve driven along its western side there has been low cloud and rain.   Moreover there are not many layby where you can stop for a photo whilst heading north.


We had just reached the northern end of the Loch when we got caught up in a car rally heading to Inverness. The interesting thing was the need for each driver to stop somewhere on the side of the road and water the vegetation before frantically racing to catch up with the rest of the vehicles in the rally.  Consequentially we had to keep a close eye on the rear vision mirror as each car caught up and blasted past us.

We stopped in Aberfeldy for lunch.  Jan had macaroni cheese, which she said was very nice, whilst I made a poor choice opting for the mince and potato.


The water fountain outside the cafe as the only interesting feature I noticed in the town.


This fountain was erected and various improvements made to the town of Aberfeldy by Gavin, Marquis of Breaddalbane as a memento of the cordial reception accorded to him and Lady Breaddalbane by the inhabitants on their first visit after the restoration of the marquisate July 1885. 


Despite the weather, there were plenty of walkers about in Dumbartonshire and Perthshire today.

Tomorrow we plan to tour the local countryside. No visits to distilleries as Jan doesn’t like whiskey and I’m driving.

Brian I’m of the opinion that Google isn’t particularly interested in Blogger.It’s a poor medium for collecting data as it’s mostly one way (writers and readers) and most bloggers and readers don’t fit the age range that would appeal to Google’s potential advertising clients.  Most of us aren’t young and single with money to burn.

Oh….. I haven’t been able to insert photos from the web into my posts.  They are being inserted from my laptop hard drive.  I’m not sure if it’s Google Photos, me or the speed of our connection.

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Jenny and Robin said...

From what I understand re the problems we have had with OLW the cause of your frustration will be Google photos.