Thursday, 23 May 2019

Robin's Open Live Writer Solution

Bloggers who have previously used Open Live Writer (OLW) to write their posts offline will know the program stopped working with Google Blogger after Google made one of their API's redundant.  I have unsuccessfully searched for a solution, but yesterday received an email from fellow blogger and clever Kiwi, Robin on how to again make OLW work with Blogger.  Robin's own blog can be found <here>.

I followed Robin's instructions and was able to publish posts from OLW without receiving the dreaded Error 400 message.

This is the solution provided by Robin.


  • Delete your old OpenLiveWriter folder (or rename it if you want to hang onto it just in case you still have problems).  I decided to rename the folder and found it on my C: drive in the folder  C:/Users/laptop/AppData/Roaming


The top arrow points to the path to the folder and the bottom arrow to my renamed folder.  You can see the new OLW folder above it 

Clicking on the above hyperlink didn’t work for me.  Instead, I copied and pasted it into a new browser window address bar whereupon the download occurred.  Next I went to the downloaded file (OpenLiveWriterSetup.exe) and right clicked on it selecting the ‘Run as Administrator’ option

  • Go to your new desktop icon for OLW and right-click on it...then click on "open file location." A window will open showing your installed files for OLW. Click once on "Update.exe" file and rename can just add a 1 at the end, for instance. Press enter to save your new name. (This will prevent multiple OLW executions in endless windows.)


  • Now double click on your desktop OLW icon to open the program. Once open, go to File and Options. Then click on Accounts. Click "Add" and go through the login prompts to reselect your blog. This will apply a new authentication token so you don't get an error when you publish. Once reauthorized, you should see two listings for your blog (the original one, and the duplicate one you just added). Delete the first listing of your blog and leave the new one. Click OK to save these settings.

  • Create a blog posts with images and publish!

After following the above instructions I was able to write posts and include photos using OLW. To date I’ve been inserting the blog photos from my hard drive.  I haven’t yet tested if I can successfully insert photo from the Cloud.

Thank you Robin

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