Monday, 13 May 2019

Like rats from a sinking ship

Yes we are in Sale within walking distance of the Bridgewater Canal and I have re-discovered the spacebar on the laptop keyboard frequently doesn't work.  You may find many of my words are combined:-(

Jan has quite badly swollen feet from the flight.It's probably a combination of the duration of the journey and the very uncomfortable seat. She is hobbling around whilst I'm doing better.

Yesterday we caught the light rail into Manchester to celebrate Jan's birthday with a Chinese banquet. Obviously in Chinatown!   I forgot to take photos of all the delicious food.  Afterwards we walked to the Arndale Centre where the grandchildren had fun in the Lego store. 

Kevin was extremely interested in the Millennium Falcon model.   But at £450 he will need to save more money.  

Jan and I slipped into Sports Direct for some cheap socks and fleeces.

The plan was to take the light trail back to Sale however there had been an incident on the track which meant we had to take the bus. 

This wasn't much of an issue until we reached a stop named Old Trafford.  Suddenly there were zillions of people wandering around both on the footpath and in the streets.  Traffic slowed to a crawl and then stopped.  The lights changed six times and yet the bus never moved.  At slower than snails pace we crawled a mile passing a number of packed bus stops.  Obviously the light rail problem had caused mayhem with the transport system.  What should have been a 20 minute trip took more than an hour.

So what are our initial observations.  Well everything is so green and it's cool.  But there are just so many people and the roads are very narrow. We've forgotten so much since leaving in 2017.

Hi Pip & Mick, do you have a phone number and we will try and arrange a meeting.
Judith we over this side for a month.  No plans to go boating because we're concerned we might once again become addicted.
Jenny I hope your procedure goes well.
Mervyn I have ILR status and Jan has her UK passport, but when I last attempted to join her in the UK queue at Heathrow I was scolded and sent to the aliens queue.  Your wife is obviously better looking than me! :-)


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Hi Tom and Jan,

Tom, it is time you splashed out for Business Class for Jan - don't be such a scrooge! It obviates the swollen feet problem and the uncomfortable seat issue. I got a FREE pair of PJs on the Virgin Atlantic section of our flight. So it was definitely worth the additional cost of the fare, when I consider that I could lie down, have my feet up when I wasn't lying down, indulge in as much champagne as I wanted ...

We too are noticing more than ever, the crush of people here - not on the cut, but when we were in London on our way back from France last week, we were assailed by the NOISE!! About 10 sets of sirens (ambulances and police cars) went off while we were in a restaurant near King's Cross eating dinner. It was a relief to get back on the boat and only have bird noise at the marina. Now moored up between the Welford Junction and Yelvertoft - no noise! Delicious!

Cheers, Marilyn

Jennie said...

Well what bad timing on our part, Tom and Jan - we sailed through Sale on Sunday! We are about to head up the Lancaster Canal with Sue and Ken on nb Cleddau. Enjoy your time in the UK. Just a shame we will miss you. Jennie and Chris