Friday, 17 May 2019


Jan has always wanted to visit Ironbridge any or trip back north provided the opportunity.  We set the gps for the 'direct route' hoping to avoid the motorways and see more of the countryside. Obviously this would make the journey longer,but more interesting. It certainly proved to be the latter when we drove down a small lane only to find a "Road Closed Ahead" sign.  There was no'detour' sign so we opted for pot luck which may not have been the best choice as the lane became progressively narrower whilst the bitumen also started to disappear.  All this eventually resulted in us travelling down a very steep and narrow tunnel of trees.  However we did have one piece of luck managing to miss the  farm tractor which was about to turn onto the lane when we reached the junction.

The next issue was lunch. Or rather, where we might find somewhere to have lunch.  There didn't appear to be anything available.  We just drove on for miles before I noticed a potential pub.  Result.  They were serving a carvery.

Of course afterwards we passed numerous pubs~

Ironbridge is a small town on the River Serven in Shropshire.  It's upstream of Stourport on the unnavigable section of the river which is why we never passed it whilst on Waiouru.  

The town takes its name from the 30 metres cast iron bridge that spans the river.    It was the first bridge to be constructed of cast iron and is now on of the few remaining bridges manufactured from this material.  Today the town's major industry is tourism.

We parked in the large car park on the far bank which is when I noticed The Station.  

Could there be a railway station at Ironbridge?  The building appeared to be at the base of a steep hill.  Then I noticed what appeared to be a tunnel to the right of the building.  It appears there was a rail line to Ironbridge.


Snowy Owl said...

I visited Ironbridge many years ago and what a fantastic place. Stayed at the Tontine Hotel right by the bridge. Must visit place is the Coalport china museum.
Best regards

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Alison

Yes, we are pleased we visited!

Judith nb Serena said...

Enjoying reading about your visit back her. Ironbridge is an interesting place to visit. We're up on the BCN at the moment for a BCN boat gathering at Brownhills this weekend. If you find yourself in this neck of the woods give us a shout, it'd be good to see you both.
Judith and John nb Serena

Mike Griffin said...

You have been seeing the Bridge at it's best, a restoration scheme costing lots of 'boodle' has just been completed. Money well spent.