Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Inverness to Fort William to Perth

This was a long day and due to the weather (rain) not particularly interesting.  We’d driven the road between Inverness and Fort William on a previous UK holiday. It also rained on that trip.  The main difference between the two trips was this time I was determined to get a photo of Urquhart Castle.

This time I remembered where to stop on the A85 to get that distant photo.  Which I; of course; cropped. 


We then drove to the castle car park (free parking) where I took more photos from a different angle.



Fortunately the rain held off for these two photo opportunities.

We had also planned to stop at Fort Augustus and visit the Caledonian Canal.  Unfortunately there were two problems.  The first was getting stuck in a queue of traffic immediately prior to Fort Augustus.  The reason for this turned out to be the raising of the bridge at Fort Augustus to allow two yachts to transit from Loch Ness.  Then it started to rain!

We carried on to Fort William in a long line of slow traffic.  Whilst we have previously visited Fort William (I strolled to the top of Ben Nevis) we’d not looked around the town on that occasion.


If the Model T made it to the top in1911 you will realise how I was able to stroll to the top!

The journey from Fort William south to Perth took us back through the centre of the Scottish Highlands with similar scenery to the trip up. Except it was raining today.


Mike Griffin said...

You did some miles to-day! hard work in a manual car.

Tom and Jan said...

Mike it was only 4 hours of driving. I've routinely done 12-15 hours in Oz!