Thursday, 30 May 2019

Instructions for inserting photos from Google Photos

Thank you to our readers who left a comment confirming they could see the post box.  When I thought about the problem the reason was obvious.  The photo was being inserted into Open Live Writer from our Google Photos album and then being published in Blogger.BUT I was the only person seeing the photo in our blog.  The Problem was the photo was not being SHARED.  Once I had changed the album to being ‘shared’ in Google Photos then every reader could see it.

This is how you share a Google Photos Album.

  1. Login to your Google Photos
  2. Click on Albums in the left vertical menu bar.   This will display all your Albums.   If you do’nt have any Albums you can create one by clicking on the first box.
  3. In the image below you will see the Album May 2017 is shared but April 2017 is not.  I’m going to share April 2017 shared photos
  4. I double click April 2017 to select it and then click on the three vertical dots in the top rightshared dots
  5. This brings up a pop-up window.  Select Optionsshared option
  6. In the Options window drag the Share slide at the bottom of the window.  When the slide is to the right just click on the X at the top  right of the box to close it.  Do the same to close the main options box

 shared slide

   7.   Your album is now shared

   8.   To insert a photo into OLW open your album and right click on the photo.  Select the “Copy Link Address” option.

  9.   In OLW select Insert from the toolbar and then click on the Picture icon.   Select the “From the Web” option.

  10.   Right click in the top box and paste the photo link from Google Photos.  A preview of the image should then appear in the larger lower box.

  11.   Finally, click on the Insert button to insert the image into OLW

It is only possible to post one photo at a time.




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