Thursday, 30 May 2019


I think the nautical term for today would be “Make and Mend”.  It was a short travelling day from Perth to Falkirk. We spent several hours in the laundrette after a week on the road.  The other couple in the laundrette were from Portland, Victoria which is south of Melbourne.  The amusing aspect of this meeting was us entering to find them watching the tumbling washing machine.  They told us they were watching TV and every time the tumble stopped Brexit was off.  But a few seconds later it would be back on. Australian humour!

Once our ’smalls’ were clean and dry we drove to the Falkirk Wheel.  I previous blogged about the wheel here so I’m not going to repeat myself.   The weather was also better during my last visit. Consequentially I only took three photos today.



However I didn’t have the 4K action camera last time so today I filmed the wheel doing a half cycle which I’ve posted below.  The video clip has been edited and reduced from 4K to High Definition in order to reduce the file size.  But be warned those readers with a small data allowance. It’s 55Mb.

OK…. can’t insert the video into OLWSad smile

If you were able to see the photo of the red post box in the post below then I have worked out how to insert images from Google Photos into Open Live Writer.  I’ll write how I did this in my next post.

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