Friday, 31 May 2019

A Tasty Lunch

The weather has been rather miserable for the last two days which meant I could have posted a blank white square to show the cloud we’ve been driving through.  Never mind, we’ve reached Ull.  I thought we were at Hull, but after listening to the locals I’ve realised the “H” is silent.

Today we could actually see the countryside and after a brief discuss Jan decided she wanted to see Goathlands.  For those readers who don’t follow the ‘soapies’ on the box the TV name of the village is Aidensfield of “Heatbeat” fame.

The village pubis actually The Goathlands Hotel as displayed on the large sign on the end of the building. 

However the sign on the opposite end of the buildings displays the following

We wandered into the pub to check the lunch menu.  It didn’t impress so we left.

Across the road from the pub is Scripps Garage and Funeral Services. 

The police station and house from the TV series isn’t in Goathlands but someone was quick to cash in on the location by parking this vehicle outside the village shops.  You know your age when you remember driving one of these in your youth! 

Jan parted with some of our hard earned cash in one of the village tourist shops.  I confess to pressuring her to buy the table mats with the Yorkshire Moors scenery. However buying the politically inappropriate Gollywog mug was her own idea.

The range of food in both tearooms didn’t impress us and we decided to move on.

Last time we were this way I remember seeing radar domes high on the moors.  Today we noticed this…….

My assumption is it’s a replacement for those radar domes we saw in 1999.  A three (or four) sided phased array radar?

The car was heading towards Pickering when I happened to notice what appeared to be a pub on the left side of the road. 

The Fox & Rabbit had a good menu.  Jan was also impressed with the local cider. We both opted for the ‘Roast of the Day’(pork) and it was delicious.

After letting lunch settle I again changed the car gps parameters so it would take us on the shortest route to Ull.   This resulted in us seeing some fantastic scenery on narrow one lane roads.  Apologies for the typos…. The faulty keyboard is a trial! 


Mike Griffin said...

Good Blog, Heartbeat - great prog, still regularly aired here, but they only show the later series not the early ones. Lovely village and countryside, we have dined in The Fox & Rabbit as well. We stay in Kirbymoorside.

We live in the Chilterns down near London.


Judith nb Serena said...

Hi Tom and Jan, glad you're having a good holiday, shame the weather couldn't be better for you. Cruising towards Braunston today we were passed by Waiouru going at a fair lick. Nice to see it being used. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
Judith and John nb Serena

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Mike yes it's an interesting area but then the Chiltens are also attractive.

Judith it wasn't us speeding! We're attempting to see parts of GB we've not previously visited and where there are no canals. This is hard!