Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Getting there slowly

More work completed, although the list never seems to shorten.

The new wardrobe in the master bedroom has been installed.  Replacing the old swing style dark timber doors with three light coloured sliding doors has made the room look both lighter and larger.

Shirt and jacket rails on the left with a self above.

An 'Imelda Marcos' shoe rack in the middle

Coats, dresses and trousers on the right

The next step will be the temporary removal of the water bed in order for the carpet to be replaced and the reverse cycle split air conditioner installed.  I'm going to do some modifications to the bed during this process as it's slightly too short for the mattress.  I also want to be able to fit a bed head.

The old remote control for the garage roller door finally needed to go to remote heaven.  I've repaired the control on the actual door but the remote was beyond repair.  We managed to source a compatible new remote from eBay.  It's slightly smaller than a matchbox and only a quarter the size of the original remote.  I needed to think of a way of securing it in the vehicle when I realised it might be possible to remove the metal clip off the old remote. 

Some Araldite (two pack epoxy adhesive) appears to have done the trick.  You may have noticed I didn't have a 'seniors moment' and glue the clip over the screw head that provides access to the battery compartment. 

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