Monday, 15 April 2019

Fishing - Day 3

My sole contribution to the catch of the day was a small Flathead.  This was obviously dumb enough to commit suicide on my hook!  Of course the others caught fish all day.  It must be my fishing gear?

In the afternoon we went for a walk around the local area.  Ken had already discovered a small bay on the opposite side of the headland.  I could probably have walked there on the first two days of the trip and caught no fish, thereby saving fuel!

Another 'non fisher' popped out of the bush in front of us casually giving us the eye before moving on.

Later in the afternoon I assisted Ken fillet fish in the vain hope I'll know how to do it on my own at some future date.  

We were settling down for the evening when a young fella poked his head through the caravan awning door to ask if we knew anyone who could assist him tow his loaded boat trailer off the beach where it was stuck in deep loose sand.  We couldn't help, but decided to go down to the boat ramp in the dark and see what was happening.

The boat was actually quite large and on a tri-axle trailer.  The primer mover was a large 4x4 Isuzu truck.  They were two young commercial abalone divers.

The boat has a cage on the back which is lowered over the side with a scuba diver inside.  This is supposed to protect the diver from being eaten by a shark. 

The trailer had been disconnected from the truck and they were attempting to retrieve the trailer from the soft sand by pulling it backwards with the winch on the rear of the truck.

Both the boat and truck were well equipped.  The latter had a small sleeping compartment behind the cab.  They managed to pull the trailer back onto compacted sand closer to the waterline before re-hitching it to the truck.

Then they headed further up the beach to a second track through the sand dunes.  This track is steeper but shorter.  A good approach enabled them to get over the dunes and back onto the road.

Meanwhile we headed to bed.

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