Wednesday, 24 April 2019

And then I had an idea

There's been a "missing link" in the man cave dust extraction system.  Flexible vacuum hose is required for two of the outlets.  One for the bench saw and more for the portable power tools like the sander.  The problem has been the cost with the timber tool sellers wanting an astronomical price per metre.  Then I had an idea..... swimming pool hose!

A quick trip down to the local hardware where I'm now on first name basis with most of the staff.  The place was packed.  Apparently there was a party under way in Isle 15.

I'm too old to party and headed for the pool section.   Success; eight metres of the right size hose at less than 20% of the tool shop price.

Now I have permanent solution for my flexible hose problem

I probably have three metres of surplus hose.

The hose to the bench saw appears to be too long but my plan is to mount the saw inside the bench which will lower its height.  In the background you can see the cut down wardrobe doors from the master bedroom which will become shelving the the garage.

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