Monday, 18 March 2019

Last of the sewer pipe

What to do with the two metres of sewer pipe left over from the shed dust extraction ducting system?
Back to Bunning hardware where, as their most valued customer, I am now on first name basis with the manager and have been invited to his daughter’s wedding! Smile
I bought two 100mm threaded coupler fittings and end caps.  Using some of the 1.5mm braided stainless steel wire purchased for the outback trip last year I made a steel cord connecting the caps to the couplings.

The couplings and caps were then glued to either end of my 2 metre length of pipe.

So what am I using the pipe for?

It’s my fishing rod holder!  The pipe will be attached to the trailer roof rack.  I wired the caps to the couplings to ensure they don’t get lost.

The Australian Salmon have started their annual migration north and I’m going fishing with Perth blog reader and friend, Ken.  I have to confess to being not much of a fisherman.  Either the fish are dumb enough to commit suicide or I only catch a cold.

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