Monday, 4 March 2019


We’re four days into autumn although you wouldn’t know it as the temperature has gone back up.  It was 39C here today which made working in the shed rather difficult.  The sweat kept dripping off my forehead and onto the lens of my glasses.

If you’ve been studying the plan I made for the mitre saw stand you may recall I had it recessed into the bench.  Well after further thought I decided against that.  There were two major issues.  The first was it would be almost impossible to cut a right angle end on a bowed length of timber.  The second was the bench would become '”purpose built” limiting my options.  The size of the shed means I’m not going to have the planned bench space so I need to utilize what I have. 

The mitre saw produces large quantities of airborne sawdust so over the last few days I’ve been making a shroud for it from scrap timber.

There are horizontally sliding covers either side of the blade which will allow me to adjust the opening when I need to make angle cuts.  The wall power socket is inside the shroud so the cable won’t be exposed as shown in the above photo.

Now that the mitre saw won’t have a bench stand I’ve made to moveable stands from scrap particle board.  They can be placed anywhere along the front of the bench and temporarily clamped in place.


You can see them to the left of the saw in the above photo.

I’ve also produced a list of all the 100mm sewer pipe fittings I’ll require for the dust extraction system.  Hopefully I’ll make a start on that tomorrow.

However it’s getting close to fishing season so my priority should be on completing the camper trailer.

Meanwhile Jan has been cleaning in the front room.  It will become our temporary bedroom whilst I install the en-suite in the master bedroom.

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