Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Another hot, dry day!

It might be autumn but there’s no sign of the weather changing.  Actually…..

It's so dry

  • The trees are chasing the dogs around
  • Cows are giving powdered milk
  • We have a fish that is 12 months old that hasn't learnt to swim yet.
  • To save water, they have closed down three lanes of the local swimming pool.
  • The government has introduced a water pistol buy-back scheme.
  • There is so little feed even the kangaroos are having to take a cut lunch.
  • Our neighbour John fainted when we had 7 drops of rain last week, and it took 3 buckets of sand to bring him around!

There have been no comments about blank boxes instead of photos on the last few posts.  Therefore I’ve assumed my latest OLW method of inserting them into posts has worked?  Google are “turning off” the last of the old functionality on 15 March so I’m not going to do much more until after that date.

Meanwhile the media server computer has failed.  It took an hour for me to work out the problem was with the 120GB solid state drive (SSD) that contains the operating system.  During that process I also read it’s not a good idea to have a “swap” area on a SSD.  Apparently the constant ready and writing to the “swap” area causes premature failure.  I don’t want to move the operating system to the storage hard drives so I went out and purchased a $33 replacement.  The next step has been to clone the content of the old SSD to the new one.  That is happening as I write this post.

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