Saturday, 16 March 2019

A wasted trip

New Zealand has joined the list of countries to experience an act of terrorism.  A despicable coward has killed 49 people in a place of worship. 

I don’t propose to write too much more except to say this person obviously craves attention for his vile actions.  Therefore I’d like to see the NZ authorities hold his trial in camera and also ban any media coverage.  He should be charged and sentenced individually for each murder with the sentences to be served consecutively.   With time off for good behaviour he would be eligible for release in 343 years.  By then he should be long forgotten. 
Jan has been searching for an orchard where we might pick stone fruit.  She thought there was a suitable property in Pickering Brook, which is up in the hills east of Perth.  We drove the 25km to the address only to find there was no orchard.  Returning on a different road we noticed another orchard advertising stone fruit.

The employees were busy packing fruit which gave Jan an opportunity to gentle squeeze some of the plums for sale.  Readers you may have noticed the difference here.  Jan squeezes fruit…. whilst I prefer to squeeze Jan!

Jan recoiled in horror.  Not from my squeeze, but rather the very soft consistency of the fruit.  We quietly slipped away without being noticed by the staff. 

Further down the road was a second “growers shop” where we again checked the fruit.  Jan commented “This fruit is more expensive than the local green grocer’s”.  We left the hills without making any purchases.

However I did stop at the lookout to take some photos of Perth.

I then suggested to Jan we return home via the Swan Valley remembering she had previously mentioned there were a couple of outlets she would like to visit.

The first was the House of Honey

Jan loves her honey.  But it has to be creamed.  She’s even more careful these days after ready much of the honey has been diluted with a Chinese made syrup.  So no honey purchased!
Next stop was

Through the main doors was a large display of various chocolates

I was rather taken by the sports stadium made of chocolate.

All those colourful little people made of soft jellybeans.  

Again nothing purchased.  I’m starting to think it might be necessary to buy Jan a new pair of trousers.  A pair where the pockets aren’t as deep. :-)


Ade said...

I like your NZ sentiment Tom.
Thoughts with the victims and their families I have to say.
Shame the fruit trip turned up fruitless! 🙄.

Tom and Jan said...

Hi Ade,

Are you still considering purchasing a narrowboat?


Ade said...

Well Tom it would be nice, it will be 5 years this year since we had a Narrowboat holiday!
Karen’s not keen on going without assistance I.e. just the two of us. The troops are keen enough its just getting it to fall in place.
I had a health scare last year this time nearly had half a day out with the undertaker!
Pulled through and back to better health than I’ve had for 10 years!
Makes you look at things in a different light.
Still 11 years until I retire so hopefully if not a boat some more holidays on the cut.

Tom and Jan said...

You have the right attitude Ade. Just don't leave it too long to do what you really want!