Monday, 18 March 2019

Last of the sewer pipe

What to do with the two metres of sewer pipe left over from the shed dust extraction ducting system?
Back to Bunning hardware where, as their most valued customer, I am now on first name basis with the manager and have been invited to his daughter’s wedding! Smile
I bought two 100mm threaded coupler fittings and end caps.  Using some of the 1.5mm braided stainless steel wire purchased for the outback trip last year I made a steel cord connecting the caps to the couplings.

The couplings and caps were then glued to either end of my 2 metre length of pipe.

So what am I using the pipe for?

It’s my fishing rod holder!  The pipe will be attached to the trailer roof rack.  I wired the caps to the couplings to ensure they don’t get lost.

The Australian Salmon have started their annual migration north and I’m going fishing with Perth blog reader and friend, Ken.  I have to confess to being not much of a fisherman.  Either the fish are dumb enough to commit suicide or I only catch a cold.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

A wasted trip

New Zealand has joined the list of countries to experience an act of terrorism.  A despicable coward has killed 49 people in a place of worship. 

I don’t propose to write too much more except to say this person obviously craves attention for his vile actions.  Therefore I’d like to see the NZ authorities hold his trial in camera and also ban any media coverage.  He should be charged and sentenced individually for each murder with the sentences to be served consecutively.   With time off for good behaviour he would be eligible for release in 343 years.  By then he should be long forgotten. 
Jan has been searching for an orchard where we might pick stone fruit.  She thought there was a suitable property in Pickering Brook, which is up in the hills east of Perth.  We drove the 25km to the address only to find there was no orchard.  Returning on a different road we noticed another orchard advertising stone fruit.

The employees were busy packing fruit which gave Jan an opportunity to gentle squeeze some of the plums for sale.  Readers you may have noticed the difference here.  Jan squeezes fruit…. whilst I prefer to squeeze Jan!

Jan recoiled in horror.  Not from my squeeze, but rather the very soft consistency of the fruit.  We quietly slipped away without being noticed by the staff. 

Further down the road was a second “growers shop” where we again checked the fruit.  Jan commented “This fruit is more expensive than the local green grocer’s”.  We left the hills without making any purchases.

However I did stop at the lookout to take some photos of Perth.

I then suggested to Jan we return home via the Swan Valley remembering she had previously mentioned there were a couple of outlets she would like to visit.

The first was the House of Honey

Jan loves her honey.  But it has to be creamed.  She’s even more careful these days after ready much of the honey has been diluted with a Chinese made syrup.  So no honey purchased!
Next stop was

Through the main doors was a large display of various chocolates

I was rather taken by the sports stadium made of chocolate.

All those colourful little people made of soft jellybeans.  

Again nothing purchased.  I’m starting to think it might be necessary to buy Jan a new pair of trousers.  A pair where the pockets aren’t as deep. :-)

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Don’t forget to duct

OK, a slight play on words.  A trip to the south of Perth this morning to visit Timbecon.  It’s MY type of store with lots of lovely products to drool over.  The plan was to buy the blast gates for the workshop dust extraction ducting system but while I was there I checked out loads of other interesting items.  I’m sure Jan was astute enough to ensure there was very little cash on the card!

Today I fitted the bulk of the dust extraction ducting.  Most of it is made from 100mm pvc sewer pipe.  Only the blast gates and pipe reducers have been purchased.  The former are a simple push/pull valve.



They fit snuggly inside the 100mm pvc pipe.  My long bench wall now looks like this

From the right.  The black end cap on the pipe provides access should there be a blockage.  The first ‘Y’ junction goes down to the mitre saw shroud.  the next ‘Y’ goes up to the apex of the ceiling (yet to be completed).  The third ‘Y’ has a 4” to 1½ inch reducer.  A flexible hose will fit onto this.  The hose will be able to be connected to portable power tools (eg, sander) or used to clean the bench.  Each ‘Y’ has a blast gate.  Everything is dry fitted (no glue) just in case it has to be pulled apart.There’s only one ‘Y’ on the back wall.  This will go down to a floor hood enabling me to sweep shavings on the floor to the hood where it will be sucked into the extraction system.

I’ve experimented with the extractor pipe inside the mitre saw shroud.

A series of 6mm holes has been drilled around the top of the pipe.  I’m hoping they will catch most of the airborne sawdust.  The base of the pipe is also open.  The pipe can’t go to all the way down to the bench top inside the shroud as it would foul on the back of the saw.  Hopefully there will be sufficient suction to catch all the sawdust.  If it’s not effective more modifications will be required.

Next step is to complete the ceiling ducting and purchase the dust extractor.  It will have to be temporarily installed inside the workshop whilst I design the cabinet that will go outside.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Slow Progress

Well autumn may have arrived and we have been receiving some welcome light autumn showers but the temperature is still sufficiently high for me to only want to do 30 minutes of outdoor labour.  I’ve been digging up the water reticulation pipes in the front garden where the pepper gum tree used to be before I felled and removed it.  The problem is tree roots, which I’m trying to remove.  Along the way I’ve managed to put the shovel through one pipe <grrrr>.

When I’d had enough of digging I went back into the air-conditioned house to check on the faulty media server pc.  I have replaced the faulty solid state drive which had the operating system on it.  However the computer then decided to randomly connect the four hard drives.  The problem was making me very frustrated, but eventually I managed to get the BIOS to recognise all the drives (don’t know how or why).  Yesterday the pc ran all day rebuilding a blank RAID drive (this combines all four drives into one large drive with built in redundancy).  This morning it was finished, only for it to then disappear.  I’m back to doing it all again!

On a more positive note I was able to install the shed earth spike.  Things have obviously changed in the last 50 years.  As a young apprentice the earth spike I installed were four foot lengths of 1½ inch galvanized water pipe.  Today they are a copper coated steel rod.


There was something hard in the ground where I wanted to install it.  I thought it might be an old brick.  However after some light digging I discovered it was the 100mm PVC pipe I’d installed for the floor outlet of my future dust extraction system.  You would have thought I’d have remembered that <it’s an age thing>.

All done!  I just need to apply some Sikaflex around the grey PVC pipe to prevent the steel cladding sheet from rusting.

The 100mm PVC sewer pipe and fittings for the sawdust duct have been delivered.  I laid out the fitting on the bench to confirm how everything would be assembled.

Obviously I haven’t placed the lengths of pipe in between the fittings.  The duct will be dry fitted (no glue) so I can disassemble it should there be a blockage.

It is possible to buy clips to hold the pipe to the wall but I decided to make some from scrap plywood.  Why spend money unnecessarily!

The system won’t be installed until I have the ‘blast gates’.  They could be diy made using plywood and PVC pipe, but the commercial version is currently available at a March discounted price.

We really must make an effort to get out of the house and do something interesting!

Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Another hot, dry day!

It might be autumn but there’s no sign of the weather changing.  Actually…..

It's so dry

  • The trees are chasing the dogs around
  • Cows are giving powdered milk
  • We have a fish that is 12 months old that hasn't learnt to swim yet.
  • To save water, they have closed down three lanes of the local swimming pool.
  • The government has introduced a water pistol buy-back scheme.
  • There is so little feed even the kangaroos are having to take a cut lunch.
  • Our neighbour John fainted when we had 7 drops of rain last week, and it took 3 buckets of sand to bring him around!

There have been no comments about blank boxes instead of photos on the last few posts.  Therefore I’ve assumed my latest OLW method of inserting them into posts has worked?  Google are “turning off” the last of the old functionality on 15 March so I’m not going to do much more until after that date.

Meanwhile the media server computer has failed.  It took an hour for me to work out the problem was with the 120GB solid state drive (SSD) that contains the operating system.  During that process I also read it’s not a good idea to have a “swap” area on a SSD.  Apparently the constant ready and writing to the “swap” area causes premature failure.  I don’t want to move the operating system to the storage hard drives so I went out and purchased a $33 replacement.  The next step has been to clone the content of the old SSD to the new one.  That is happening as I write this post.

Monday, 4 March 2019


We’re four days into autumn although you wouldn’t know it as the temperature has gone back up.  It was 39C here today which made working in the shed rather difficult.  The sweat kept dripping off my forehead and onto the lens of my glasses.

If you’ve been studying the plan I made for the mitre saw stand you may recall I had it recessed into the bench.  Well after further thought I decided against that.  There were two major issues.  The first was it would be almost impossible to cut a right angle end on a bowed length of timber.  The second was the bench would become '”purpose built” limiting my options.  The size of the shed means I’m not going to have the planned bench space so I need to utilize what I have. 

The mitre saw produces large quantities of airborne sawdust so over the last few days I’ve been making a shroud for it from scrap timber.

There are horizontally sliding covers either side of the blade which will allow me to adjust the opening when I need to make angle cuts.  The wall power socket is inside the shroud so the cable won’t be exposed as shown in the above photo.

Now that the mitre saw won’t have a bench stand I’ve made to moveable stands from scrap particle board.  They can be placed anywhere along the front of the bench and temporarily clamped in place.


You can see them to the left of the saw in the above photo.

I’ve also produced a list of all the 100mm sewer pipe fittings I’ll require for the dust extraction system.  Hopefully I’ll make a start on that tomorrow.

However it’s getting close to fishing season so my priority should be on completing the camper trailer.

Meanwhile Jan has been cleaning in the front room.  It will become our temporary bedroom whilst I install the en-suite in the master bedroom.