Friday, 15 February 2019

The rear needs modifying

One thing leads to another and before you know it you need to do more than you anticipated.

I want the trailer tailgate door to open 180° which will provide unrestricted access to the interior of the trailer.  So the hinges were modified.  However in opening the door 180° I discovered the left rear light fitting was going to be an obstruction.  If I needed to relocated the left fitting then obviously the right also had to be moved.  Then I realised the spare wheel mounting on the tailgate would also need to be moved as the larger tyre and rim would catch on the back corner of the trailer.

So this is what the rear of the trailer now looks like.

OK... the spare wheel mounting hasn't changed.  But do you see the other changes?

Well the first change was with the rear lights (A).  After relocating them higher on the trailer I discovered they were non compliant with the Australian Design Regulations (ADRs).  Lights must be not more than 1750mm above ground level and with the larger tyres and rims on the trailer they were slightly over the legal limit.  To rectify this I purchased a second set of lights  (B) and mounted them on the rear bar.  Of course the number plate was then in the way and was also going to be obscured by the spare wheel once the mounting has been moved.  So the number plate and wiring (C) was moved to the opposite side.

By the time I finish there isn't going to be much that's original on this trailer! :-)

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