Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Floor is In!

You would think the trailer floor qualified for frequent traveller points based on the number of times I’ve attempted test installation fittings.  However before I could do this I needed to cut the matrix of 10mm holes with the router.  The first problem was with the chinese sourced router bit.  The diameter of the shaft was 0.5mm less than standard.  So it wasn’t a ¼ inch bit.  This was overcome by wrapping some masking tape around the shaft.

Cutting the outer series of holes in the board was achieved using the router guide.

A length of dressed pine was then used as a guide for the inner holes. 

After completing all the holes I discovered the router bit is only 9mm rather than the specified 10mm.  So perhaps a cheap bit from China wasn’t the best option.  Anyway, the holes are completed and I have (I hope) a perfect matrix of holes at 100mm spacing.

I wanted to ensure the sheet of plywood doesn't bounce around.  It's not likely to happen, however I made a set of small timber blocks which were then screwed to the corners of the trailer frame.

When I was fitting the plywood floor into Waiouru the joiners showed me how to use wood screws into metal.  So that's what I did with the blocks.

One lateral partition was made from the sheet offcuts.  I'm waiting on the delivery of brass rod from China to make the pins which will then be glued into the base of the vertical partitions at 100mm spacing.  The photos below are just a demonstration on what the system will look like.

The idea is to have a set of movable partitions that will provide flexibility for various size loads.  

I can probably start fitting some of the camping gear into the trailer and identify how many partitions are require.


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