Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Slow Progress

More pottering around in the ‘man cave’ has seen some improvement in the overall layout.  The most significant issue at the moment is lack of storage capacity.  I’ve been recycling much of the old timber into shelving.  I also moved the old ‘peg board’ from the garage to the shed.  The long bench for the mitre saw has been completed and my thoughts have now turned to a dust extraction system.

I found a place for the clamps to the right of the roller door.

Jan has been saving all her glass marmalade jars for me.  It's actually rather hard to find suitable glass jars as most of them are made from plastic.  I made a shelf and then screwed the lids of the jars to the underside.

The mitre and bench saws are major dust creators.  Currently I can't do much about the bench saw as I've yet to make the custom bench for it.  However I can make a start on a shroud for the mitre saw.

I'm going to install a dust duct system which will (hopefully) capture most of the sawdust before it gets airborne.  So the dust extraction system and the bench for the table saw are the next two major projects.

It was with some sadness we read the passing of Paul on the latest Manly Ferry post.  Surprisingly we never actually met Paul & Elaine during our years of continuous cruising.  However you do feel you know them through Paul's writing.   He had a wonderful humorous style!

I really need to make some progress with the camper trailer modifications.  It's almost March and soon the Australian Salmon will be running up the coast.  I want to be in some isolated spot catching dozens of large fish <dreamer>. 


Don McCoskrie said...

For a higher capacity jar storage system you could fix the lids on four sides of a square length of timber. An axle fitted on the ends with brackets out from the wall makes for a rotating storage system. This works particularly well in an under house workshop with the axles fitted between the floor joists.

Tom and Jan said...

Don that's a very good idea. I wonder why I didn't think of it! :-)