Monday, 11 February 2019

It's Cooler

Not the outside temperature!  I’ve installed all the insulation and plywood lining in the shed and its had a dramatic affect on the temperature inside.

Today everything was removed from the shed apart from the table and mitre saw.  Then I used the Aldi spray paint gun to apply three coats of paint to the plywood.  I used the grey paint left over from the boundary fences.  Halfway through the task I discovered the rubber in my face mask had perished and I was occasionally sucking paint vapour.  I’m extremely disappointed with the quality of the mask.  It’s only lasted 33 years!

The postman delivered the router bit I’d ordered from China.

It has a pointed tip and will cut a 10mm hole.  I could have purchased a similar bit in Perth for $44.  However by ordering one from China and waiting a month for delivery it cost me $1.64 including postage.  So why do I need this bit?  The plan is to drill a matrix of 10mm holes in the 19mm plywood upper floor in the trailer.  You may be able to see the matrix of 2mm pilot holes in the photo below.

I’ve also ordered a length of 10mm brass rod from China.  My plan is to cut the brass rod into 40mm lengths which will become pegs.  These pegs will be glued into the base of the 19mm plywood vertical partitions I plan on making.  Having a matrix of 10mm holes in the floor will allow me to move the partitions around to suit the size of the contents of the trailer.  Well that’s the theory.

As with all jobs..... Safety First!


Jennie said...

Well I guess it would make you very careful!!

Tom and Jan said...

You'd only make one mistake!