Monday, 4 February 2019

Google is playing funny buggers!

Well if you've been following my various attempts to get photos to publish from Open Live Writer you will know I've failed spectacularly.  Google keeps moving the goal posts.  I've just read an official notice from Google advising this state of affairs is likely to continue to 1 March so I'm going to cease these fruitless attempts until after that date.

Meanwhile Jan mentioned she didn't particularly like the horrible (her word) blue light shade in the laundry.

Nor did she like the hallway shade by the front door.

And while she was on the subject, the shade in the front room looked tired.

All this led to a decision to visit the local lighting warehouse where they have an excellent range of Chinese made light fittings (Isn't everything made in China these days?)  Whilst we were in the shop I added to strip lights to the purchase order.  Actually I require four in the shed so the last two are on order.

We also visited the timber merchant where I purchased 11 sheets of 9mm plywood and two bags of insulation Batts.  He sold me the non itchy version...... But he lied!

Jan helped me carry the plywood sheets from the trailer to the shed (good girl) and I then used the Batts from one pack to insulate most of two walls.

Then I started cutting and fitting the plywood.  Eight years ago I would have nailed the sheets in place, but after the boat fit out I'm a fan of using screws.  It takes longer, but the sheets are less likely to move.

It was so damned hot in the shed I probably drank more water than a thirsty camel.  If I left any tools out in the sunlight there was a chance I'd burn myself picking them up.  In the end it became all too much and I retreated inside to the air conditioning and a cold cleansing ale.


Pip and Mick said...

Tom thank you for reading the thing about Google. Yesterday we started to look into moving our blog, but we may hold on for another month to see what happens.
Thank you for all your work arounds.
PS Jan was right about those lamp shades, horrible

Tom and Jan said...

Pip I'm also looking at Wordpress but will hold off until March.

Obviously you and Jan have the same sense of fashion. I see nothing wrong with them! :-)

Geoff and Mags said...

Echoing Pip's comments, Tom. Thanks for trying various solutions. My Gmail account has stopped as well, now!
BTW, I quite liked the shades, too!