Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Firefox Survey Scam

It appears I was almost the victim of the Firefox survey scam.  I was using Google in Firefox when I clicked on a link.  A pop-up window appeared telling me as a valued user I was being asked to complete a survey and would be in the draw to win a prize. 

I tried to close the window but it just took me to the survey page.  So I completed the simple survey on Firefox was was then advised I had won a Samsung Galaxy 9 phone for $1.  How you can '”win” something and still pay for it is somewhat of a mystery to me! 

In the bottom half of the screen was a list of comments from people who had either received their prize or were waiting for it to arrive.

Anyway, the next window asked me to enter my credit card details for an amount of $1.  The web address was https, but something seemed wrong.  Why would they want my card details before asking for my address?

A quick online search revealed it’s a scam

If it’s too good to be true….. then it probably is!

Here’s an observation

European.  I drove for 3 hours and passed through seven countries

Australian.   I drove for 12 hours and I’m still in Western Australia

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