Thursday, 21 February 2019

Been Busy

There may not have been a post for a few days but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.
The local timber merchant allowed us to use their courtesy trailer enabling me to bring home a sizeable quantity of 4x2 framing timber and some sheets of plywood.   I’m making a 3.6 metre long bench in the workshop.  There has been a change of plan and I now don’t intend to make a purpose bench for the mitre saw.  More on that later.

The task which has taken the longest time is the cutting of the rebates in the bench legs.  There are 14 legs and each required four rebates.  I started doing the legs individually and then realised it would probably be easier and more efficient to cut as many as possible simultaneously.  To achieve this I used the bench saw slide.

This enabled me to simultaneously cut 7 legs.  It was a tedious task repeatedly running the timber through the saw blade to cut the rebates.  Eventually it was done.

The frames were then assembled.  They were glued and screwed.  Ten years ago I wouldn’t have cut rebates and the frames would have been nailed.  I even took particular care to ensure everything was level and square. 

That’s when I discovered the concrete floor wasn’t level near the roller door.  I’ll have to fit a small piece of packing under this leg.

I’d ordered 2400x1200x19mm plywood only to find it was 2440mm long and slightly wider than 1200mm.  The timber merchant informed me it was old imperial stock.  It must be really old!!!
By the end of today I’d managed to fit ¾ of the lower shelf.  The top shelf has also been cut out but I don’t want to install it until the lower shelf is fitted.  It’s easier that way.

My sister called to tell us she and my brother-in-law had purchased a second hand outback camper trailer.  It’s somewhat more luxurious than ours, but then it’s not a true outback camper.
The trailer has a pop top and extending ends that form two separate double beds.  there are a further two bed inside the main body.  There’s a fridge, oven, gas hob and microwave. 

Yes.... we did discuss toilets.  Their camper trailer doesn't have one.  I suggested they purchase a shovel!


Pip and Mick said...

2440 x 1220 in old money is 8ft by 4ft. At college I was taught to be ambidextrous with measurements.

Oakley Clarke said...

Hi Tom and Jan -

Hope you are keeping well. Dad may have told you that I have had to retire now, but the new upstart has his own blog at <a href=">Teddy Tales</a>. I'm a hard act to follow, but I understand he's not doing too shabby a job of it!

Tom and Jan said...

Yes Pip, probably why the sheets wouldn't quite fit in the trailer! :-(

Tom and Jan said...

Oakley you are one clever dog. I guess you made your fortune writing hence the early retirement! :-)

Pip and Mick said...

Ahh, metric trailer, imperial wood. Not a helpful combination.

Tom and Jan said...

It's been metric here for quarter of a century so they must have been very old sheets of plywood!!!!