Monday, 25 February 2019

BBQ Lesson

I’ve had a BBQ lesson from an expert.  Knowing George & Carol (WB Still Rockin’) were planning on visiting Perth during their Oz odyssey we invited them to a BBQ in an effort to ensure I improved my level of expertise in front of the iron monster.
George kindly gave me some advice…. “keep turning them Tom” and we have a lovely afternoon discussing a wide variety of subjects…. including toilets!

We do hope they will find time to visit for a follow-up lesson towards the end of their Australian holiday.

This morning I grappled with the trailer tail light wiring.  There seems to be no standard colour coding with Chinese trailers which had me scratching my head for some time.  Eventually I worked out the blue connected to the green and the black to the white whilst the yellow connected to yellow.  Oh the red connected to the brown.  Everything worked correctly in the end.

Jan came back from the fortnightly food shopping rather puzzled.  Apparently she had mentioned to the person operating the supermarket checkout that they worked faster in Aldi UK.  The checkout person then said “Well when Brexit happens the Brits won’t be able to travel anywhere!”  Jan hadn’t realized the UK might be going into national quarantine. Smile   Then the lady behind her in the queue asked how long Jan had been in Australia.  “Two years” said Jan (well it’s two years since we’ve returned).  The woman then said “You’re now an Australian”.  To which Jan replied “If you went and lived in Bangladesh for two years would that make you a Bangladeshi?”  “Of course not!”  Replied the woman.  Work the logic out…… I can’t!

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